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Failures are Data, too

signal to noise ratio
This has been a difficult week. But first, the good: The NDA was signed, and schedules were cleared, so we finally got to meet with Steve and Jody of the USDA. It’s (still) surreal that we’re getting advice and help from the USDA.

Friends in High Places

jar of bees
If you know any software developers, you’ll know they’re a quirky bunch. Bright and curious, intense and focused, quirky… We love it. Anyway this week we met a kindred spirit in Dr. Robyn Underwood.

Pressure Cooker

bite interactive workshop
First, you have to picture the scene. Brant, Joe, Mitch, and Carissa in a sleek conference room with the Teams group, surrounded by white boards and diagrams and prototype images and a giant, anatomically correct cardboard model of a honey bee (no, really).

Everbee and the Windy City

chicago skyline
Back in November, we realized (and by “we” we mean “Mitch”) that we’d need an industrial designer before we could go much further with design or make any real decisions about production and costs and materials.

Bee Breathing and Powder Sizing

Bee Breathing and Powder Sizing
Once we discovered the optimal powder formulation to help honey bees shed Varroa, we perfected a delicate delivery system that lightly dusts bees while inside Everbee, inciting them to groom themselves and remove Varroa mites!