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Celebrations, Deadlines

confetti & balloons
This won’t be a long post, because things around here have really gone into high gear. But we got the first batch of test results from Eurofins and, guess what? Well, OK, we’ll tell you: Our formulas rapidly induced bee grooming resulting in 66.7% to 100% mite removal from the honey bees! 

We’re Off

anesthetizing bees with co2
One of the challenges of keeping an ongoing journal of this process is not being repetitive. The person tasked with writing these entries struggles over when it’s ok to use “amazing” (again) and when there’s been a long enough gap to talk about how humbled we are (not yet).


beekeeper checking on bees
As always, there’s been good news and bad news. The bad news is the USDA was even busier than we feared, but they managed to squeeze in one, critical test. And we are forever grateful. They didn’t have to take this on, and they didn’t have to use any of their very limited time to help us, but they believed in Everbee.

Recycling Symbols Decoded

Recycling Symbols Decoded
As friends of the bees and caretakers of the planet, we know that you do your best to recycle and reuse, just like we do. As communities continue to improve their recycling programs, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the various recycling symbols.

Love Fests and Wax Tests

wax test
Have we told you how amazing Jim is? Not only has he spent almost two years putting up with our every question, but he is always ready to move forward. He’s gentle and patient and has made us fall further in love with the bees. We love Jim.