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Our Powder Treatment: A Win for Honey Bees and the Planet

Our Powder Treatment: A Win for Honey Bees and the Planet

In our pursuit to save the honey bees from their greatest threat — Varroa mites — we became laser-focused on research and testing to innovate a product that helps the bees without harming the environment. 

With bee populations quickly declining, the current treatments used to eliminate the mites are arguably obsolete. Targeted to beekeepers, there aren’t viable options for gardeners or ordinary people who want to help the bees. The chemical methods available are damaging to nature and unreliable as the mites eventually become resistant to them.

A New Frontier

Determined to disrupt the outdated approaches to eliminating Varroa mites, our team has worked tirelessly to develop a sustainable, effective solution that lets anyone save the bees, right from their own backyard.

We developed a treatment powder to induce bees to groom themselves and dislodge the mites. Our independent testing yielded promising results, supporting our mission to protect the bees by working with nature, rather than using brute force.

The Creation of Protect™ Powder

Composed of two food-grade, certified organic ingredients — carnauba wax and lemongrass essential oil — Protect powder is a precise formulation of essential oil suspended in ground carnauba wax. 

Working with our chemist Steve Puelo at Koster Keunen, we were able to mill the wax particles to mimic the size of pollen to ensure it would not inhibit the bees’ breathing. 

The Proof is in the Powder 

It was a landmark moment in our bee-saving journey when we put our powder to the test and it passed with flying colors! Honey bees immediately groomed after being dusted with Protect and successfully detached Varroa mites. 

Once we determined that our formulation was the safest and most effective way to deliver treatment to honey bees, we knew that Everbee would soon be a reality.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

With technology, design and formulation locked in, our next step was to source our ingredients responsibly. 

When it came to lemongrass essential oil, we did our homework. The essential oils industry is not well regulated and brands can label their oils “pure” or “natural” without containing 100% essential oil. 

For their purity and ethos, we are happy to partner with Nature’s Oil who provides our cruelty-free, USDA certified organic lemongrass essential oil harvested from India. From farming, distilling, brokering and filling -– every aspect of the supply chain is held to the highest quality standards.

Our second ingredient, carnauba wax, is a widely used hypoallergenic wax of the leaves of the carnauba palm. It can be found in everything from candy to dental floss. We searched for a transparent source with sustainable practices who shared our vision to save the honey bee population. 

We chose Koster Keunen to source our USDA certified organic, non-GMO carnauba wax. Their initiative, We Are All One Hive, pledges to cultivate healthy ecosystems with a fair and safe supply chain based on three areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. 

Beekeeping Initiatives Worldwide

An added benefit to partnering with Koster Keunen is their commitment to sustainable honey bee initiatives such as their collaboration with USAID to foster training, support, beehives and protective equipment across seven West African countries to support beekeeping initiatives. Their efforts will increase crop pollination, food production and financial stability across these regions. That’s a cause we are proud to stand by.

The Ripple Effect of Everbee

In our journey learning about honey bees, we are shown time and again that our actions matter. Every choice we make creates a ripple of events that echo into our future. 

With Everbee, your choice helps strengthen the honey bee population today, and for generations to come.