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Buzzworthy Results of the Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program

Buzzworthy Results of the Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program

Here at Perpetual Pollen, we have dedicated our research and testing to innovate eco-safe products that explore unconventional methods to remove Varroa mites from hives. Everbee Protect™ treatment powder leverages the self-grooming instincts of bees to combat Varroa mites, deviating from traditional mite-killing products. This approach also resolves the issue of mite resistance, providing a sustainable, long-term solution that aligns with nature.

After four years of rigorous lab testing and trials at our home apiary, we debuted the Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program in the summer of 2023! Collaborating with beekeepers across the US, we gained insights on the use of Everbee Protect™ treatment powder against Varroa mite in various conditions and climates.

Learning from Real-world Beekeepers

The primary goal of the Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program is to gather data from beekeepers in diverse regions across the US, spanning coastal regions such as Oregon and Florida to the heartlands of Oklahoma and Missouri.

Bee Keeper map

Running from May to November 2023, beekeepers applied Everbee Protect™ to their brood boxes bi-monthly, reporting observations and conducting monthly mite checks. Testing Everbee Protect™ in 26 hives, we accessed its efficacy in different environments with varying mite counts.

Hive Happiness

Witnessing a reduction in mite counts across the board, including one hive boasting a mite count of zero, shows that Everbee Protect™ can successfully dislodge a significant number of mites! Even in highly-infected hives, the treatment reduced the mite count to a manageable level.

Two beekeepers were so thrilled with the early-stage results that they extended their testing to additional hives later in the program. Additionally, reports indicated several deceased small hive beetles in the tray residue at the hive bottom, suggesting an extra benefit for beekeepers managing these pests.

Looking Ahead to the 2024 Season

Building on these promising results, we're thrilled to announce the 2024 Everebee Protect™ Pilot Program season. If you're a beekeeper or know someone who would love to participate, applications close on March 31st, 2024.

The Power of Everbee Protect™

Milled to the size of pollen to ensure it does not interfere with the bees’ breathing, Everbee Protect™ is composed of two food-grade, certified organic ingredients—carnauba wax and lemongrass essential oil. The powder is a precise formulation of essential oil suspended in ground carnauba wax.

Bee-lieving in Change

The beekeepers who participated in our Pilot Program are helping us fine-tune the treatment so that we can protect honey bees for generations to come. Your participation is a testament to the positive change we can achieve, together. 

Apply for the 2024 Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program!