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We’re a software company that fell in love with honey bees.

Like you, we knew the honey bees were in trouble. But we didn’t know how to help. (If you’re reading this, you probably feel that way, too.)

We read about pesticides, climate change, habitat loss, and, most frequently, parasites. The more we learned, the more we wanted to learn. We went from magazine articles to peer-reviewed studies, consuming the science while noticing the stark absence of new technology. An idea began to take shape. We went from hoping we could help, to believing we could.

We reached out to Dick Rogers, one of the top apiologists in the world, and explained our idea. His response was more encouraging than we could have imagined, and with his guidance and support, we assembled a team of bee researchers, beekeepers, engineers, and designers.

We used the best and most current science as a foundation on which to build a novel solution to this incredible threat. 

With every new researcher we spoke to, our ideas were confirmed and honed, and while we kept thinking we might fail, or find that someone else did it sooner, and better, that didn’t happen.

Software developers by trade (it’s that software development that has paid the bills for our honey bee research), we know all about the idea of disruption. We know that one new idea which addresses an unmet need can change an industry. In this case, it wasn’t an industry we were trying to change — it was a species we were trying to save.

So we did what we do every day in software development: We iterated. Version after version and refinement after refinement, all rigorously lab and field tested for efficacy and safety.

When Everbee reached a point where we knew it had become what we dreamed of — a device that lets everyone help save the honey bee — we embarked on the long, complex process of compliance. 

Multiple regulatory agencies, and 50 states’ highly individual requirements later, we have Everbee.


Everbee is about more than saving the honey bees in your backyard. With your help, we’re building a community, and creating a distribution network capable of adapting to the changing needs of honey bees around the globe. As threats shift, our treatments will, too, and with your help, we'll ensure we deliver the most advanced nutrients and medicines to every Everbee user.

A single person can’t save the bees.

But working together, we can.


Dec 20, 2022 Perpetual Pollen

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