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Murphy’s Law, or: It Exploded

packets of wax
Unlike most weeks where Robin is recounting the twists and turns of our journey with her characteristic wit and well-written copy, the team asked if I could write this one because I was the closest person to the (literal) explosion.

When software devs take on science

lock down
In years to come, we might not remember how much impact the pandemic had on our lives. And we don’t mean just in the obvious ways — the fear and loss and sadness — but in the way it has ground all life outside the home to a virtual halt.

Revise and Rebuild

Chabudai Gaeshi
After our meeting with Steve and Jody from the USDA, we were a little shell-shocked. Everything we do is in service of the bees and their future… The realization that our brilliant product could be lethal to bees was an incredible blow.