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Filling in the Details

honey bees
When we don’t know something, we ferret out the answer. When we need advice, we go to the source, and we get the answers we need. We experiment and sketch; we brainstorm and argue it out. We swarm on a problem, and we solve it. 

Rewards, risks, and space stations

Varroa mite on the bee
Our initial research about the efficacy of essential oils has turned into a full strategy. Currently, we’re trying to determine how to see if the bees reliably deliver the oils to the hive and transfer them, through trophallaxis, to the nursing bees and then on to the larvae. 

Absorbing Knowledge

A Bee on reading glasses
Every idea, no matter how ridiculous, is being talked out. Every weird feeder concept and mite theory is being explored. Every stone turned over. And everything that seems remotely promising, we’ll test.