Everbee provides essential nutrients while eliminating one of the top threats to the honey bee population.



Everbee is the first bee feeder to address the most urgent threat to the fragile honey bee population.



Everbee helps foraging honey bees eliminate Varroa mites, a leading cause of the worldwide decline in honey bees.

Critically Nutritious

Critically Nutritious

Everbee delivers essential nutrients to feed honey bees when nectar is scarce.

From Garden to Globe

From Garden to Globe

Working together, small choices create big impact. Join us to save the honey bees.

Backyard Revolution

The unique Everbee Protect™ powder induces immediate grooming in honey bees, allowing them to remove mites before they make it back to vulnerable colonies. All season long, its nutrient-rich food helps support bees impacted by dry seasons and habitat loss.

Built on the foundation of hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, Everbee is the culmination of years of rigorous scientific research backed by independently verified lab and field testing.

Simply place your Everbee in your garden where it attracts passing honey bees all season long.

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High Tech

Everbee’s precise sensors track each honey bee that enters the device, and a microdosing mechanism gives every bee the optimum treatment. Precisely fitted solar panels, and a Li-ion battery ensure your Everbee operates all season long.

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Form and Function

From the UV patterning and one-way entry gate to the hidden hinge and durable, weather-tested construction, we spent thousands of hours engineering Everbee to make a real difference for the honey bee, while fitting beautifully into your life.

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Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Every three months, we deliver a new batch of nutritious bee food and essential treatments right to your door.

Together, we can save the honey bee and secure our natural world for generations to come.

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"I’ve spent my career studying pollinator health, and to my knowledge there’s never been anything non-beekeepers could use to treat parasites in honey bees. So it’s been exciting to get to know the Perpetual Pollen team, and see how their research is furthering the field of bee health. It was especially gratifying to see how my own research helped lead them to their novel formulation. Everbee is a big leap forward in the treatment of varroa mites."


FRSC, FRES, FRSB, FLS (B.Sc. (Honours Zoology, McGill University, 1965), Ph. D., Professor Emeritus, Guelph University.


"I am so excited to be a part of what Perpetual Pollen has created. I was very impressed with their energy, knowledge, and attention to detail they put into developing a product that works in harmony with honey bee behavior with the goal to protect honey bee health. As an entomologist and bee researcher, I’ve spent a huge part of my career working on ways to safely manage crop and honey bee pests, including the bee parasite, Varroa destructor. Everbee is an innovation that is directed at being a safe tool in the fight to protect the health of honey bee colonies everywhere."



"Parasitic mites are the honey bee's biggest foe in recent years. Anything that can help them to safely remove them is a welcome addition to a garden."


Ph. D., Assistant Research Professor, Penn State University.


Jan 23, 2024 Kim West

Buzzworthy Results of the Everbee Protect™ Pilot Program

Here at Perpetual Pollen, we have dedicated our research and testing to innovate eco-safe products that explore unconventional methods to remove Varroa mites from hives. 

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