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Celebrations, Deadlines

October 20, 2020

This won’t be a long post, because things around here have really gone into high gear. But we got the first batch of test results from Eurofins and, guess what? Well, OK, we’ll tell you:

Our formulas rapidly induced bee grooming resulting in 66.7% to 100% mite removal from the honey bees! 

Holy smokes, we are walking on air! This outcome is beyond what we could have imagined at this budding stage of development. This is a game changer for honey bees!

Ok enough celebrating, we need to move even more quickly. We have, what, 16 weeks? If we don’t hit that deadline we’ll be forced to wait a whole year to have this chance again.

What unbelievable partners Eurofins have turned out to be.

Onwards we go. For the love of science. For the love of the bees. To help save the bees. 

It has been an incredible week. 

Back to work