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beekeeper checking on bees


October 12, 2020

As always, there’s been good news and bad news. The bad news is the USDA was even busier than we feared, but they managed to squeeze in one, critical test. And we are forever grateful. They didn’t have to take this on, and they didn’t have to use any of their very limited time to help us, but they believed in Everbee.

That never stops feeling humbling.

With their single test we got some invaluable information on the toxicity of certain oils, and they were also able to give us critical dosing size information (determining how much powder to sprinkle on a single honey bee is exactly as difficult as it sounds).

Jim’s second set of tests were super successful, and between him and the USDA we’ve been able to narrow down the 5 candidates for further, more rigorous testing.

The final five!

After two years spent researching, taking wrong turns and correcting courses, COVID, and literal explosions, we are DOWN TO THE FINAL FIVE. Any others are now out of the running.


This is momentous.